80% of the offenders in the state correctional system have substance use problems that contribute to their criminality. It is imperative that the Department continue to provide substance use treatment and education for incarcerated offenders and subsequently link them with services in the community upon release. The Department continues to develop and expand community partnerships with local government and community organizations through parish sheriffs, community volunteers and private companies to improve substance use education and treatment to offenders.

Offenders are provided the opportunity to participate in a variety of substance use education programs including AA, NA, Dynamics of Addiction, Quitting Cocaine and Relapse Prevention. Treatment facilities provided through the Department include the Steve Hoyle Rehabilitation Program at Forcht Wade Correctional Center and the Blue Walter Substance Use Treatment Program.

The Steve Hoyle Rehabilitation Program provides a therapeutic community approach to house, treat, educate and re-orientate offenders with identified substance use problems. Offenders are required to participate in F.O.C.U.S., Finding Options Communicating and Understanding Sobriety. F.O.C.U.S. is a multi-phase motivation to change model that allows the offender to gauge his individual progress while moving toward a level of rehabilitation within a twelve to twenty-four month time frame. F.O.C.U.S. consists of three phases, each promoting essential offending behavior modification.

The Blue Walter Substance Use Treatment Program is a comprehensive program designed to rehabilitate eligible offenders nearing release with a history of alcohol and drug use. The program goal is to provide substance use treatment and prevention education, and to develop a collaborative relationship between outside treatment service providers and jail-based treatment program, to assist offenders in developing a recovery base, as well as, a safe and successful transition into society. The transition occurs through a combination of halfway house placement, after-care and/or work release.