The Louisiana Legislature recently passed the Louisiana Justice Reinvestment Package.  With this ambitious package, Louisiana is projected to reduce the prison population by 10% and save $262 million over the next decade.  Seventy percent of these savings - an estimated $184 million - will be reinvested into programs and policies proven to reduce recidivism and support victims of crime.  It is also projected to reduce the community supervision population by 12%, making caseload sizes more manageable for probation and parole officers.

Louisiana Justice Reinvestment Package 
Practitioner's Guide
Criminal Justice in Louisiana Position Paper

JRI Community Grant Funding Notice and Application
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Louisiana passed historic criminal justice reforms in 2017. The results of those reforms are detailed in the following annual reports.
Louisiana’s Justice Reinvestment Reforms 2018 Annual Performance Report
Louisiana's Justice Reinvestment Reforms 2019 Annual Performance Report

Criminal Justice Reform and Reinvestment Forum
Orleans Parish Presentation - 6-26-2018
Jefferson Parish Presentation - 6-26-2018