The Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections — Corrections Services monitors parish and private jail compliance with Basic Jail Guidelines on a regional basis. There are nine regions as seen below on the state map. Personnel at state correctional facilities provide local-level monitoring and administration for state offenders assigned to these jails (time computation, BJG monitoring, etc.)

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Please note that the recidivism rate calculated for each region and each parish is a five-year recidivism rate (the rate at which offenders return to incarceration within a five year period) comparing 2005 releases to 2010 returns.

Northwest Region
Notheast Region
Central Region
South Central Region
West Florida Parishes Region
East Florida Parishes Region
Southeast Region
Capital Region
Southwest Region

**Abbreviation References:
PP = Parish Prison
TWP = Transitional Work Program
PJ = Parish Jail
CC = Correctional Center
DC = Detention Center
CJ = City Jail

All state correctional facilities and probation and parole districts are listed in ALL CAPS. For example, JLDCC denotes J. Levy Dabadie Correctional Center and MID denotes Minden Probation and Parole District.

Click here for a complete list of state correctional facilities and here for a listing of probation and parole districts